Fellowship Application

Application Documents

A Photo Shared with the Rosenwald Committee

Mildred Blount at Medcalf's 

The impetus for Blount's fellowship

Letter from Horace Cayton to William Haygood; December 31, 1942

A letter composed on New Year's Eve in 1942 by sociologist Horace Cayton to "Billy" Haygood in which he encourages the Rosenwald committee to send an application blank to Mildred Blount. Blount notes Cayton's encouragement in her penned application letter to Haygood on Feb. 8, 1943.

Blount announces the feature of her hats in an MGM newsreel

Telegram from Blount to Rosenwald Committee: MGM Newsreel Feature of Her Hats

Letter from William Haygood to Mildred Blount, Feb. 15, 1943

Letter from William Haygood to Mildred Blount

Haygood to Blound, February 15, 1943.

Haygood assures Blount that she should not let her lack of a higher degree discourage her application.

Letter from Blount to Haygood, Mar. 12, 1943 

Letter from Mildred Blount to Haygood, March 12, 1943

In this document, Blount shares that she is sending 12 miniature hats to the committee as a showcase of her work. She includes details on the materials of a hat she made that was featured on the cover of Ladies Home Journal. For this piece, the cost of the polka dot and green velvet material cost her 35 cents per yard, worth every penny to captivate the aesthetic from 1814-1818 period that she was trying to recreate. A perfectionist and the harshest critic of her own work, Blount expresses her wish that she had as much time to devote to this piece as she had for the miniature collection for the New York World Fair. 

Letter from Blount to Haygood, Apr. 14, 1943

Letter from Blount to Mr. Haygood

Mildred Blount expresses her delight over the Rosenwald committee's appreciation of her hats. She also shares updates on offers to showcase her work and on her gratitude for the friendship and support of Horace Cayton and Arna Bontemps. 

Fellowship Application