After the Fellowship

Mildred Blount named "Outstanding Woman of 1944" by the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority

Letter from Blount to Mrs. Haygood, Nov. 10, 1944

Letter from Mildred Blount to Mr. and Mrs. Haygood, Nov. 10, 1944

In this 8-page letter to Mr. Haygood's spouse, Blount shares her pride over taking up her "first very big job on my own" (author's emphasis). The artist's perfectionism and the travails of everyday life, including a recent eviction notice, wear on her. However, Blount neither slowed her pace nor lost her determination. In the letter, she discusses offers for work that she turned down because they did not seem promising enough. In the winter after her Rosenwald fellowship, Blount is able to choose who she works with and for. This letter, then, represents a move toward autonomy and independent entrepeneurship for the "Milliner of the Stars."

Letter from Mildred Blount to Mr. Haygood, Dec. 17, 1946

Articles detailing Blount's success

Rosenwald Committee Record on Mildred Blount

After the Fellowship